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Balcony Safety Nets

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Invisible Safety Nets

Price: 1400 INR/Square Foot

We are always look forward to customer needs , were the safety is most important for high rise residential we are introducing our exclusive safety net INVISIBLE SAFETY NETS. We provide customize INVISIBLE SAFETY NETS for balcony as per customer needs occupy high residential & commercial properties . This INVISBLE SAFETY NETS design with providing high quality materials and equipment, This can enriched Roof Garden or Open Landscape. This product also extends to function at common commercial area like swimming pool, barricade, separable walls and feature walls. Traditional and old safety equipment provide that extra layer of security but are visually unappealing. At INVISIBLE SAFETY NETS we believe that aesthetics should not be compromised at the expense of functionality, and beauty can co-exist with practicality.

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Balcony Birds Safety Nets

Price: 250 INR/Square Foot

Balcony safety net is used to prevent unwanted situation in buildings or apartments.. Where unexpected falling from balcony leads people life risky. It makes people tension free, never feel fear to stay in high building. We are most leading suppliers.. Get your balcony secured by our balcony safety nets. Every parents wants to find a way to prevent accidents without compromising the appearance of their home balcony to their loved one. We provide high quality, long durable and high weighing bearing capacity nets for any type of sites like building houses, high rises or bridges. Polythene Hexagonal Net is made of high-quality polymer virgin HDPE which is chemically resistant to most acids, alkalis, and solvents. This warn is treated with best ultraviolet stabiliser for ensuring the durability of a net.


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